Topic updated on September 17, 2021

Device types

deviceWISE contains rich library of device drivers that provides connectivity to the most common PLC types. Drivers are written using the vendor's specific protocols for a wider varieties of PLCs which includes but not limited to Rockwell driver, Siemens S7 driver, Mitsubishi driver, Omron driver, and Beckhoff driver. Drivers are also written to widely used protocols that includes Modbus driver, MTConnect driver, OPC-DA Client driver, and OPC-UA Client driver. One of the more commonly used drivers speaks the open protocol implemented by DC tightening tool vendors such as Atlas Copco driver, Apex Cleco driver, Bosch Rexroth driver, Stanley Tools driver, and Sturtevant Richmont driver. Configuring a device in most cases is as simple as providing the device's IP address. Once the device has been defined it is started to establish communication between deviceWISE and physical device. At this time the device will be interrogated for its data tags which will then be available for reading and writing. Subscriptions are made with the open protocol drivers to ensure deviceWISE is notified, for example when tightening events occur on the DC tools controller. Using deviceWISE, configuring a device connection is the first step in tracking the usage of your manufacturing assets to ensure you do not miss scheduled maintenance activities.

The device drivers handles the device specific:

  • Communication protocol
  • Variables
  • Data type conversions
  • Commands
  • Unsolicited message support.

This allows you to create your IoT solution using your devices in a vendor neutral methodology. The triggers (application logic) and your enterprise applications is shielded from the majority of the device connectivity details, while still providing the two way device access functions required by your IoT solution. The information in these sections provides the details for the devices supported by the device drivers, organized by the device drivers. The general tasks that apply to all the device types is found in sections under Device connectivity. To build your IoT solution's application logic in triggers and using trigger actions to access devices and their variables is detailed in Projects and triggers.

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