Getting started with LWM2M

Lightweight M2M is a communication protocol from the Open Mobile Alliance built to provide a link between a device equipped with a LWM2M agent and LWM2M-enabled servers. deviceWISE Cloud . Once the LWM2M device is created, it is possible to connect the LWM2M device. Before you start to create an LWM2M device you need to have the necessary Thing definition and Device Profile. This section explains you the step-by-step process to get started with an LWM2M thing.

1. Creating your deviceWISE Cloud Account

 You need to create your Management Portal user account. For more information on inviting and adding a user, see Inviting a user. It is possible to create your own account while creating an account in the Dev portal. For more information creating your account, see Creating the deviceWISE Cloud account(applies only if you using

2. Creating a Thing definition

A Thing definitions allows you to define the characteristics of your things. For more information on Thing definition, see Creating a Thing definition

3. Creating your LWM2M Thing

 To create your LWM2M device in the IoT Portal, see Creating LWM2M thing.

4. Connecting your LWM2M device

To get connected, the IoT Portal verifies if the URL, endpoint, identity, and PSK matches the values in the Portal before it provides access to the LWM2M device. For more information, see Connecting LWM2M device to deviceWISE Cloud

5. Interact with Object browser

LWM2M offers object interface to directly interact with the device objects. For instance you will be able to update a device's firmware directly from the Object browser.

6. Creating LWM2M Device Profile

LWM2M Device Profile defines the desired behavior for the device within the portal as it relates to bootstrapping, registration, registration update, observation of different Object/Instance/Resources, FOTA settings and bindings of the Object/Instance/Resources to Thing attributes and properties to be represented in the portal. It is possible to share the Device Profiles with multiple Things or can be created for one specific a Thing.

7. Bootstrapping your device

Bootstrap server is a server that is contacted by the client during its first boot-up or every boot up. Its only purpose is to initialize the data model, including connections to regular LWM2M Servers.

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