Things Dashboard

The Thing Dashboard shows a pie chart with a quick overview of connected things, a table of recently added things and event logs. It also displays the tags for quick filtering. 


1 Search in the Things dashboard allows you to do a full-text search. Enter the text and press enter to find all the things that contain the entered text.
2 Tags for quick filtering. For more information, see Using Tags.
3 The connected things pie chart displays a glimpse of the number of things that are currently connected.
4 Recently added things display the recently added things. Click on the corresponding view icon of a thing you want to display.
5 Event log displays recent event log entries. Event log entries for things will have a view icon that, when clicked, displays the thing's overview page.
6 The New Thing button is used for Creating Generic thing, Creating LWM2M thing and Creating a Telit module

The Table tab displays a table of all the Things. It contains Last Seen and Last Communication columns. The following is the difference between Last Seen and Last Communication columns.

Last Seen: The Last Seen column displays the time a device publishes to the IoT Portal. For example,Defining Properties updates, Defining Attributes updates, or Defining Locations updates will update the Last Seen time.

Last Communication: The Last Communication column displays the last time a packet(heartbeat or TR50 API calls) is received from the device in an established active Sessions between the device and the IoT Portal. For example, when a thing sends an API call, the time under Last Communication gets updated.

If a Creating a Thing from a Connection, and the connection receives a RADIUS packet. The location will be pushed and updates the LastSeen. During the location publish, if the device is not in an active session, then Last Communication will not be updated.

8 The Map view displays a map with the geographical location of Things.