Topic updated on October 01, 2021

IoT Gateway 21.09 Release Notes

What's new in the IoT Gateway 21.09 release

The latest released build is 21.09.02.

Customers updating from 21.05 or earlier release, will need to update both the deviceWISE runtime and the package files to the 21.09 build level before starting their deviceWISE application.

Removed Local Portal in this release (21.09).

Customers using our Windows products should review the section below covering "Upgrading from previous versions".  We moved to a new installation architecture for Windows products with version 19.1.6.

The version naming convention for deviceWISE Gateway releases is updated in 2021. The first two digits indicates the year the release is started. The second two digits increment with each release during that year. The third two digits indicate the build number associated with a release. Smaller updates to a previous release will increment this third number.